Missouri Rock Island Trail (MORIT) Inc. dba Friends of Rock Island Trail State Park (FoRIT) is a 501c3 non-profit. All donations are tax deductible.

Greetings Trailblazers
We stand at the threshold of a historic opportunity to shape Missouri’s landscape, and we invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. Rarely in history are we provided the opportunity to be at the front end of a historic development of what many believe with be a national and international attraction.  The development of Rock Island Trail State Park, the newest jewel in Missouri’s state park system remains largely closed to the public.  Once developed this trail and the existing Katy Trail State Park will combine to create opportunities for trail enthusiasts that are likely to attract global interests.

Contribute to Missouri’s Newest Park: Rock Island Trail State Park
As we embark on this endeavor, we recognize the invaluable role that each supporter plays in bringing Rock Island Trail State Park to life. Your contribution is not just a donation; it’s a legacy, a piece of history you help craft.

Donor Opportunities:

  • Trail Communities: Your support will extend beyond the park borders; the Rock Island Trail State Park will foster economic growth and community development in these former Rock Island railroad communities that were once created and now abandoned by Railroad benefits.
  • Trail Sections:  Connecting communities create opportunities for building momentum for further trail development.  Opening Park sections to the public will accelerate the interest and motivation to develop and open other sections of the Rock Island.
  • Grant Match Challenge: Securing large grants often comes with requirements of match dollars.  Together, let’s amplify the impact and demonstrate our collective commitment to this historic project.
  • Unique Park Features: Immerse yourself in the revitalizing the historical charm of the Rock Island. Your dollars can target specific projects that allow the repurpose of aging railroad features such as tunnels and trestles. Your contribution will make these unique park features a reality, leaving an indelible mark on the park’s character.

Join us in writing a new chapter in Missouri’s history. Choose your path of contribution and become an integral part of the legacy we are creating at Rock Island Trail State Park.



Please send checks to:

Friends of Rock Island Trail State Park (FoRIT)

PO Box 183
Owensville, MO  65066