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Join us & Become a Member

Becoming a member of MORIT is easy. Please download an application and send your information to the contact listed on the bottom of the application. Or click here to sign up online.

Donation Levels:

  • $20 – Basic Membership
  • $50 – Full Membership
  • $100 – Century Membership
  • $250 – Bronze Spike Trailblazer
  • $500 – Silver Spike Trailblazer
  • $1,000 – Gold Spike Trailblazer

Benefits Include:

  • Voting rights
  • Up to date information on the trail progress
  • Voice for local progress
  • Access to status and trail plans
  • Access to participate on board, committees, activities
  • Networking with other members
  • Invitations to annual meeting/other events
  • Donors who make a gift of $20 or more to MORIT in a calendar year are recognized as members for that year
  • $50 Full membership and above receive a free t-shirt
  • Trailblazer level members are also invited to receptions, trail dedications, and other special events
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