MORIT Annual Meeting – March 28

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MORIT Annual Meeting – March 28

Annual Meeting of Missouri Rock Island Trail

Thursday, March 28, 2019

The LINC – 1299 Lafayette St., Jefferson City, MO 65101

6:30 pm Displays and Videos

7:00 pm Welcome – Ms. Carrie Tergen, Mayor of Jefferson City

7:05 Keynote – Mr. Pat Curry, MU Community Economic and Entrepreneurial Development

Key Findings of the Rock Island Trail Opportunity Analysis

  1. Overwhelming Public Support
  2. Perfect Alignment with the State Outdoor Recreation Plan
  3. Exceptional Economic Development Opportunity
  4. Missouri Knows How to Build Successful Trail Projects
  5. Missouri’s Trail System is the Longest in the Nation
  6. Expanded Access to Outdoor Recreation for Missourians
  7. Communities of Interest are Extensive, Engaged and Invested
  8. The Price is Right
  9. Time is On Our Side
  10. Demand for Trail Oriented Recreation is High and Increasing
  11. Research Indicates Trails Have Significant Benefits for Communities and Economies
  12. An Economic Development Boost is Needed Across this Region of Missouri

7:45 Closing Remarks, Q&A

            Mr. Warren Wood, Ameren VP External Affairs and Communications

            Mr. Mike Sutherland, MO State Parks Deputy Division Director

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